List of Sanctions of CBA Financial Monitoring Service Added

The anti-terrorism sanctions list of the committees Taliban and Al Qaeda of the Security Council of the United Nations has been updated. The last updates were on 23, 27 and 31 March, respectively. The list, which includes people suspected of having links to the terrorist organizations mentioned, has been extended to the local banking system by the Financial Monitoring Service under the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

As stated in the document, in accordance with the national legislation and the international standards, the list includes domestic and international options. The latest version of the list has been posted on the website of the Service and sent to interested organizations, as well as to the monitoring participants.

In accordance with the law "On combating money and property laundering from crime and financing terrorism," financial market participants, when detecting money or property of the individuals and entities specified in the list, shall undertake not to perform operations on them and shall provide information on that to the Financial Monitoring Service. --17D-

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