Northern Region to Be Available to Digital Radio

Residents of several areas of the Northern Economic Region have access to a television signal on medium wave.

This is made possible by the production association "Teleradio" Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), who has passed into operation a new (within the country 46th) Dagly TV and radio stations in the town of Guba.

As reported by Teleradio, the introduction of the new transmitter will greatly expand the coverage of digital TV and radio content in DVB-T standard in both Guba and nearby communities.

The total number involved in the republic transmitters of digital TV standard DVB-T is 46 units.

Benefits package is available to the public, consisting of 12 television channels. Broadcasting in the digital content is MPEG-4. For the transition to digital broadcasting to subscribers decoder is needed.

Until the end of this year, the digital TV signal will be available 100% of the population, while the figure is close to 97%. - 17D-



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