Portal of permits in September, attended by about 7.5 million entrepreneurs

BAKU/18.10.13/TURAN : A single information portal of permits (www.icazeler.gov.az) in September, was attended by about 7.5 million users of Internet resources .

As stated in the press release of the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan , during this month , along with the bulk of local business portal visited about 300 would-be migrants from Germany, Turkey, USA, Russia , UK, Ukraine , the Czech Republic , Uzbekistan, Canada, Belgium , France, and Georgia.

Earlier it was reported that the presentation of the portal www.icazeler.gov.az. held in mid-March last year. During this time, the section permits enterprise visited by over 189 million users.

Create portal provides for the elimination of administrative barriers to business development , the application of developments in the field of ICT, the creation of advanced information systems , greater transparency.

In addition , the entrepreneurs through the site have the opportunity to see the projects of individual regulations , which are prepared by the concerned government agencies and the licensing and placement. Drafts of these documents are posted on this site , entrepreneurs can benefit from them to give their suggestions and comments. - 17D-


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