The allocation of $ 625 million for the 63 kilometer road

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will allocate  for  the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan for the construction of the next tranche of the road (63 km) from the village of Masally  to the village Shorsulu  in Salyan district. The total cost of the project,  according to a joint assessment of the IDB and the Azerbaijani government  is  $ 625 million. In  August will be approved transfer of  $ 250 million

Expert economist  Azer Mehdiyev considers the participation of international financial institutions in the development of investment a  potential plus  - they attracted specialists are international standards of calculation and construction, do not allow corruption component  to grow, and so on. But is it so Azerbaijan?  The construction of Baku - Hadjigabul (120 km) was subject to repeated reproaches, also funded by the international financial structure; at least two sections of the road being repaired every year  despite the fact that the optimal duration of its operation  is  30 years.

According to observers Turan,  there are not  asphalt concrete roads and multilane highways  cost $10 million per linear kilometer in any country of the word.  In Spain, the best route kilometer of 8 lines  worth $ 1.8 million; in the U.S. - $ 2 million;  in Finland - $ 2.8 million;  in Russia, a similar federal roads costs  $ 3.3 million;  in Germany and France - $ 5 million

Total cost of each kilometer is formed by counting the quality and width of the web, as well as VAT, the cost of the preliminary design documentation, construction supervision, land acquisition and transfer of communications, site preparation for construction. Moreover, Azerbaijan has no harsh climate and a large number of contractors influencing factor appreciation works.

However, there is such a factor as the monopolization of production and lobbying the Ministry of Transport and its production units in the government and the supreme political power. Consequently, one cannot ignore the facts of corruption in this sphere - investment in road construction in the most corrupt in Azerbaijan due to the lack of proper control.

The Asian Development Bank , headquartered in Manila (Philippines), was established in 1966, and has 67 members. Azerbaijan joined the ADB  on December 22, 1999, the share of the bank's capital is 0.5 percent.

ADB's leading shareholders are Japan and the United States (31.2% of the total share capital for two), as well as India, China, Australia, South Korea and Canada (28.8% of all), and so on. - 17D-

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