What gives a fourfold increase in POS terminals?

Azerbaijani regions by July 1, registered 15,330 POS terminals installed at trade and services (an increase of 3.5 times in comparison with the beginning of the year). In Baku, the absolute figures are higher - 37,080 at a much lower growth - by 30%. Almost all of the equipment (50,960 or 97.2% of all POS terminals) is set to retail sites.

In the country, according to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, as of 1 July there were 2,476 ATMs installed (+2.2%), of which 1,389 ATMs are in Baku, and 1,087 are in the regions.

The situation with the POS terminals in the country is grim. In spite of the continuous increase in their numbers, in almost any shop they do not work. The reason is that with their use trade operations become transparent and the "gray bookkeeping" loses its meaning. --17D-

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