Czech EU Presidency to be based on Havel's values

Baku/15.06.22/Turan: The Czech Republic has announced five priorities for its presidency of the European Union and the slogan "Europe as a challenge", based on the values ​​of Vaclav Havel.

The Czech Republic takes over the presidency on July 1, taking over from France at a difficult time for Europe - the war in Ukraine. The priorities were announced to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament by the Minister for European Affairs of the Czech government, Mikulas Beck:

response to "Russian aggression" against Ukraine,

EU Energy Security,

strengthening the defense capability of the EU,

strategy for strengthening the European economy,

strengthening democratic institutions.

At the same time, Beck noted that "due to the uncertain international political situation, the priorities of the Czech presidency may change along the way."

He also noted that the Czech Republic intends to initiate changes in decision-making on some foreign policy issues. Consensus voting is proposed to be replaced by majority voting.

The Czech government believes that without this change it is impossible to make progress on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions, as some countries express opposition to the sanctions, in particular Hungary.

According to Beck,  due to the crisis in Ukraine, on the agenda in the EU is the question that on some foreign policy issues, voting by consensus so far should be replaced by majority voting. He stated that without these changes it is impossible to make progress on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions, since some countries, in particular Hungary, do not agree with the new sanctions. “However, no one wants to completely abandon consensus voting,” the Czech minister stressed.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala intends to organize a meeting of EU leaders with President Volodymyr Zelensky.



“Europe and the whole world are undergoing fundamental changes since the Russian invasion of Ukraine shook our confidence in a better future,” said Piotr Fiala. - It exposed the weakness of the European security architecture. We will have to develop new, active approaches, and not be just bystanders relying on others.”

Today, Head of the Government Staff Yana Kotalikova presented the logo of the Czech Presidency in the EU, which is a circle of rhombuses symbolizing all EU countries, including Ukraine.—0—

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