Azerbaijan Can Reconsider Relations with Council of Europe - Ali Hasanov

Baku / 12.10.17 / Turan: Azerbaijan can reconsider relations with the Council of Europe, the presidential aide Ali Hasanov said on Wednesday.

He called biased the PACE resolutions on the functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan and on the country's observance of human rights during its presidency in the Council of Europe.

"I think that the PACE by adopting these documents, prepared on the basis of subjective judgments of certain anti-Azerbaijani circles and pursuing specific goals, once again demonstrated a prejudiced and unfair position against our country," Hasanov told the state news agency AzerTaj.

"Azerbaijan for the period that has passed since joining the membership in this structure has consistently faced with the pressure of certain lobby groups, in particular the patrons of Armenians," Hasanov went on.

This pressure, according to Hasanov, has intensified since Thorbjorn Jagland became Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

Hasanov further stated it is impossible to exert pressure on Azerbaijan "by adopting these groundless documents."

"The adoption of such prejudiced documents based on subjective judgments and the increase in attempts of pressure is forcing Azerbaijan to reconsider its relations with the Council of Europe," Hasanov said.

Recall that the resolutions call on the authorities of Azerbaijan to ensure a balance between the branches of power, the independence of the courts and the prosecutor's office, to implement the decisions of the Strasbourg court, including release of the opposition activist Ilgar Mammadov, to release all political prisoners and to create conditions for the free activity of NGOs and the media. -06D--

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