Armenia - Former Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian speaks at an opposition rally in Yerevan, 24Oct2014.

Armenia - Former Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian speaks at an opposition rally in Yerevan, 24Oct2014.

In a surprising turn of events, former Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian has expressed vehement opposition to the impending peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Oskanian, who claimed to have reviewed the text of the agreement, took to Facebook in a video message, asserting that the peace deal is nearing completion.

However, Oskanian's discontent stems from the conspicuous absence of any reference to Karabakh in the document. He highlighted the omission of what he believed to be a crucial element in previous drafts: "If I'm not mistaken, paragraph 9 spoke about the rights and independence of the people of Artsakh. If the agreement is signed without such content, then we will close the page of Artsakh."

In a nationalist and separatist tone reminiscent of the Sargsyan-Kocharian era, Oskanian argued passionately against sidelining Karabakh. He emphasized, "Artsakh is an Armenian land," and asserted its historical autonomy, even during the Soviet period. Oskanian firmly declared, "It is simply impossible to demand that the Armenian people forget Artsakh."

The former foreign minister's rhetoric took a sharp turn toward revanchism as he insisted that Azerbaijan was not negotiating with the Armenian people at large but rather with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his government. Oskanian warned Azerbaijan, stating, "Azerbaijan should understand that they are signing this agreement not with Armenia, not with the Armenian people, but with Nikol Pashinyan and his government. The Armenian people cannot forget Artsakh."

The divisive stance adopted by Oskanian raises questions about the efficacy of past negotiations led by him during his tenure as foreign minister. His refusal to acknowledge the necessity of restoring Azerbaijan's territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders suggests that peace in the South Caucasus region may have been elusive under his leadership.

As the region awaits the formalization of the peace deal, Oskanian's outspoken opposition adds a layer of complexity to an already delicate situation, underscoring the deep-rooted sentiments and historical complexities that continue to shape the dynamics between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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