Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/16.09.21/Turan: The National Security Service of Armenia closed the Goris-Kafan Road for Iranian drivers so that they do not create a traffic jam. Currently, several dozen heavy vehicles have piled up at the NSS checkpoint and cannot reach the city of Kafan, Armenian media reported.

Iranian drivers are waiting for employers to send them money in order to pay customs duties to the Azerbaijani customs on those sections that pass through the territory of Azerbaijan,  the deputy head of the city of Goris reported to the media today. At the same time, those Iranian drivers who have money pay and pass without hindrance. According to him, at the entrance for the Azerbaijani section of the road in the Kafan region, the Iranians are charged $ 130, and upon entering the second section - $ 250 from Goris.

The driver of one of the Iranian fuel trucks, Nasir, told Sputnik Armenia that they demanded $ 360 when passing through the Azerbaijani post.

The driver did not have money, the Azerbaijani police let him in on the condition that he would have to pay upon his return. However, the man says that he will not have them on the way back.

Other drivers are in the same situation, according to the driver. They do not know what to do, since there is no other way to move. -02D-


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