Bakıdakı Jurnalistlər Evi

Bakıdakı Jurnalistlər Evi

Baku/17.06.20/Turan: A lawsuit has been filed due to facts of misappropriation and misuse of budget funds in the State Media Support Fund. The Accounts Chamber submitted the results of investigation to the General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General. 

Abuses were identified in the implementation of programs and projects to support the media, the distribution of financial assistance to newspapers, non-compliance with building standards, inflating the value of objects (probably referring to residential buildings for journalists), etc.

In connection with this, an investigation has been initiated under  the Article  179.4 (large-scale misappropriation), 308.1 (abuse of power), 308-1.2 (misuse of budget funds in large amounts) and 308-2.4 (unlawful public procurement) of the Criminal Code, the press service of the prosecutor general said.

Immediate investigative and operational measures are ongoing to identify and hold accountable the circle of perpetrators.

Based on the complaints, an investigation is being conducted into the creation of obstacles for the provision of apartments to needy journalists in two multi-story buildings built for media representatives, a gross violation of the conditions for the distribution of living space in these houses.

Journalists faced with such unlawful actions are asked to contact the 961 call-center and the 161 hotline of the General Directorate of the Prosecutor General.

Recall that the head of the State Support Media Fund, Vugar Safarli, was dismissed from his post on April 4 of this year by decree of the country's president.

For many years, the activities of the State Media Support Fund have been criticized and opaque. This structure was under the control of Ali Hasanov, a former assistant to the head of state for ideology.

Many journalists and the media accused Hasanov and Safarli of abusing the position and appropriating the funds of the Foundation, established in 2009. -16D-


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