Lawyers are not allowed to meet with Leyla Yunus

Lawyers  of the Leyla Yunus, the arrested human rights activist, Khalid Bagirov, Fariz Namazly, Javad Javadov and Alaif Hasanov, issued a joint statement to the press.

The statement said that on September 22 the lawyer Khalid Bagirov once again went to visit his client Leyla Yunus  in the jail of Kurdakhani. However, the guards told him that Yunus is sick, and  refused to meet with  the lawyer. Then the lawyer wanted to talk to her on the phone, however, officers were told that it was impossible.

Taking into account this refusal and the  situation  in the cell in which Leyla Yunus is kept, lawyers are seriously concerned with her state.

"We urge the relevant authorities for immediate intervention in the situation, and admission of meetings with lawyers,"  reads the  statement. -16D04-

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