Committee to Protect Rights of Yunus requires access of lawyers to her

The Committee to Protect Rights of Leyla Yunus and other political prisoners, made a statement in which it protested against non admission of the lawyers to her on Sept. 22.

Not providing of Yunus meeting with her lawyers is "another indication of the prevailing lawlessness in Azerbaijan, wrongful attitude to political prisoners and prisoners of conscience"

"The laws of Azerbaijan prohibit containing together persons arrested for the first time with former prisoners, in this case Leyla Yunus and Nuria Huseynova. However, these provisions of the law are very easily disturbed by persons obliged to fulfill them," then said the statement.

As regards the Government's argument that they are kept together because of the problems of placement, then let "the authorities, if they have problems with places, not arrest innocent people," then said the statement.

The authors of the statement indicate bureaucratic arbitrariness, which is placed above the Constitution.

"Undoubtedly, with this medieval savagery they want to break Leyla Yunus, make her beg for mercy at the expense of suffering by the human rights activist with her glorious way of life, to use it for political purposes, for domestic consumption," is said in the statement.

The Committee strongly condemned "the illegal actions of the authorities" and demands rapid access of the lawyers to Yunus. -03D-06-


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