Measures will be taken against quarantine violators - operational headquarters

Baku / 06.03.20 / Turan: Legal measures will be taken in respect of persons violating the quarantine norms that impede the normal operation of medical personnel, stated  the message  of the Operational Headquarters for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.

The headquarters recalls that when symptoms of the virus are detected in foreigners and citizens arriving in Azerbaijan, they are placed in quarantine, where they undergo tests and treatment.

Today, about 500 people are quarantined in Azerbaijan. Coronavirus was confirmed in six persons. We also note that the country's Prison Service introduced a temporary ban on visits and the transfer of parcels in places of detention.

According to the information of the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Azerbaijani government allocated $ 5 million to the WHO Special Fund in support of international efforts to combat coronavirus. -–03D06-


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