Time: Russia supplies weapons to Syria via Azerbaijan

On November 26, hackers from the organization Anonymous released documents stolen from the Syrian Foreign Ministry. According to the publication ProPublica, one of the documents details the supplies from Moscow to Damascus of 240 tons of newly printed Syrian money that the Russian state officially manufactures for the Assad regime. Another document is similar to a flight plan to deliver four refurbished helicopters - also from Moscow to Syria. This shipment, which in the documents in English is listed as "old helicopter after overhaul," includes one shipment on 21 November and the second on 28 November, and two more are scheduled for the first week of December. According to the documents, payment for the goods was made in cash, and the route was laid through the airspace of Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan - to bypass all of the countries that imposed an embargo on arms shipments to Syria.

After that, the EU and Turkey have banned flights over its territory to all Syrian aircraft. In October this led to a diplomatic conflict between Ankara and Moscow, as Turkish fighters forced a Syrian airliner flying from Moscow to Damascus to land in Turkey. The vigilance of the Turks made the Russians draft a new route for the helicopters, says Time.

If Iran's position on this matter is quite clear, the anti-Western position of Azerbaijan is questionable. A reference to the fact that Baku could not know the nature of the goods does not hold water. -02D-


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