Adalat calls not to draft the only sons

The party Adalat made a statement in connection with the death of a soldier Jeyhun Gubadov. The statement authors believe that these facts strike the image of the armed forces of the country in a state of war.

Serving in the army is seen as a place of punishment, but not as the fulfillment of military duty. For this reason, many people wish to evade service.

Recalling the official cause of the death of the soldier – a heart failure, the authors of the statement said that the parents opposed the report. The statement by the mother of the soldier and the popular Internet photos and videos question the official diagnosis, according to the statement.

Adalat called to objectively investigate this fact, to find and punish those responsible for the death of the soldier, and to eliminate the shortcomings of the military.

The party proposed to amend the law on military service and to release from the army the only sons and especially those, who do not have fathers. -05D04-


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