Black flag - A Symbol of the Indifference of Authorities

Residents of hostel № 4, in the Taghiyev Combine at Javanshir Street, held a protest by posting black flags from their balconies. Human rights activist, Alekper Mamedov said at today’s press conference at the Media Center.  According to him, 80 families should not remain in the unsafe buildings, but a new home has not been provided.  No one has paid any attention to the residents' complaints. Before the New Year, the inhabitants managed to arrange a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov, who promised to solve the problem in a month, but it is still unsolved.  

Yesterday, in front of the hostel and the housing staff who equips the area, Alekper Mammadov explained that someone would come to the hostel from "above." Moreover, the deputy head of the executive branch of the Khatai district, visited the dormitory, informing the residents  they would be allocated housing on the condition they would not complain.

The human rights activist also said that hostel residents hired an expert who examined the building. The expert said that in a 3.5 earthquake, the building would collapse with no hope for repair.

Alekper Mammadov said that the residents of the hostel are going to picket the Presidential Administration, because they can no longer live like this.

Recall: after the November 2000 earthquake, the building became unusable. The capital’s executive power allocated 40 acres to build a new building for 160 families for those who live in the dorm. A 18-storey two-block house with 432 apartments was built, but only 80 families moved into the building, while the remaining 80 families stayed in the hostel, where they are located today. -04c-


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