Conference on human rights and public services

  A two-day conference on the theme: "Human rights and the provision of public services in the context of good governance," took place organized by the state agency ASAN on Wednesday at the Marriott. Participants discuss advanced model of public services in the Member Countries of Europe, the use of information technology required to implement such models.

The conference was attended by more than 50 foreign guests from the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the EU, the International Academy against corruption and a number of foreign NGOs.

"Civil service in Azerbaijan has upgraded, apply innovation. In this sense, the service Asan Xidmət is unique. Citizens are provided transparent and efficient services," said  Inam Karimov, the head of the State Agency for the provision of services and innovations under the President.  According to him, every day more than 2,000 people use the services of Asan. Over 20 months three million people used the  services  of   six   Centers, and almost 98% are satisfied with services.

The OSCE Representative for Economic and Environment, Khalil  Yurdakul told that consolidation of services in one place has  simplified public service and increased efficiency. "In this area the OSCE has had a technical support to Azerbaijan, conducted training for employees  of Asan Xidmət», he said.

The Head of the Department of the Council of Europe's democratic institutions and governance Alfonso Zardi noted that public services should cover a wider range of people.

"At the same time, respect for human rights should be a major factor. Services must be accessible, open and transparent. Government agencies must respect the expectations of the citizens," he said.

During the conference were held the discussions on the topics: "Current models of public service delivery; How  better serve human rights;   state service principles; accessibility, transparency, and that even ?; modern technology in the provision of public services; efficiency and the best interests of citizens.-03C06-

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