Demolition of fences on the Buzovna coast of the Caspian Sea has begun

Baku/22.06.22/Turan: Today, the Baku authorities began to demolish illegal fences that limited citizens' access to the sea on the beach of the Buzovna village, located 36 km from Baku. The seashore has been seized and fenced off for the general use of the owners of the coastal villas and the restaurant.

Demolition of fences and stonecrop of the coast began only after local residents began a campaign to free the Buzovna section of the Caspian Sea from illegal fences.

In May of this year, activists from Buzovna managed, with the support of the executive power of the Khazar region, to ensure that several illegal fences were demolished, blocking the population's access to the sea.

Activist Seifulla Azer told Turan that not a single landowner, whose territory overlooks the sandy shore and rocky massif, does not comply with the law on urban planning and architecture, according to which a 20-50-meter strip by the sea cannot be privatized and closed for public use.

On June 12, the public posted a video on Youtube containing an appeal to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in order to draw the attention of the head of state to the problem of local landowners seizing, cleaning and preserving historical rocks on the Caspian coast for public use.

It is not yet clear how far the authorities will go in this matter - about 1 km of the rocks are built up with fences and structures of private owners. It is also not clear whether this campaign will cover the entire coast of the Absheron Peninsula, a significant part of which has been captured and fenced off for public use. -0—

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