Farman Jeyranly Sentenced to Six Years in Georgia

Baku / 08.02.18 / Turan: The Tbilisi city court sentenced an Azerbaijani businessman and doctor, founder of the Lancet clinic Farman Jeyranly to 6 years of imprisonment on February 8.

He was found guilty under articles 180 and 247 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (fraud and concealment of information that poses a danger to life and health of a person). Turan was informed about this by his brother Mubariz Huseynli.

Jeyranly said in court that he was arrested on political orders. The defense will appeal.

Earlier, lawyers said that the arrest has a political background. They stated that all the judgments rendered against Jeyranly were illegal.

Jeyranly is the founder of the clinic, and not the director, as the investigation says. The founder does not bear any responsibility for the actions of doctors. -03C06--

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