Historical Success of Karabakh (VIDEO)

Baku / 24.08.17 / Turan: The defeat with the score 1: 2 on a visit to the Danish FC Copenhagen was tantamount to victory for FC Karabakh from Agdam, Azerbaijan. This account brought FC Karabakh to the group stage of the Champions League.

A week ago in Baku, FC Karabakh won with a score of 1: 0. Despite the total 2: 2, thanks to the goal scored in Copenhagen, FC Karabakh became the winner of this pair of the Champions League playoffs.

FC Karabakh coped with the excitement of the first minutes of the match and did not allow the opponent to score a quick goal, or to gain the advantage. However, a reckless exit of the guest team's goalkeeper Ibrahim Sheich from the goal at a penalty blow at the end of the first half cost FC Karabakh a missed goal.

Fortunately, after the break the team recovered from the shock and found its game. FC Karabakh held several sharp counterattacks, and during one of them at the 63rd minute Dino Ndlovu received a brilliant pass from Anni Agolli from the flank, and masterfully sent the ball to the bottom corner of the goal.

However, the balance in the score did not last long. At the 66th minute, Andria Pavlovich again brought FC Copenhagen forward in the score by closing a pass from the flank with his head.

This goal reassured the Danes. But FC Karabakh skillfully destroyed the subsequent attacks of FC Copenhagen and did not miss the opportunity to organize counterattacks. So FC Karabakh brought the game to the final result that suited it.

Thus, FC Karabakh became the first club of the South Caucasus, making its way to the group stage of the Champions League. -06D--

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