İctimai fəallar Buzovna çimərliyinə keçmək üçün pilləkən tikirlər. Oktyabr, 2023-ci il

İctimai fəallar Buzovna çimərliyinə keçmək üçün pilləkən tikirlər. Oktyabr, 2023-ci il

Baku/17.10.23/Turan: In the seaside settlement of Buzovna, after last year's destruction of illegal fences near the sea by the local authorities, the coast has started to be built up again. This was reported to Turan by local resident Elbek Alizadeh.

He accompanied his message to the agency with video footage showing coniferous trees dug into the ground and posts fencing the seized land. The territory of four hectares was closed, and the rubbish collected on this territory, concrete blocks of 2.000 cubic metres, were thrown out by the "owner" to the seashore. A citizen named Adalat destroyed the stone steps to the sea, built during a public clean-up day. Thus, about six hectares of coastal territory were taken away from Buzovna residents by illegal actions.

According to E. Alizadeh, citizen Adalat was forced to destroy his illegal structures last year under pressure from the village community. However, in October this year he started to restore the former illegal structures.

Buzovna residents are demanding that the Khazar executive power stop illegal construction on the coast. In a conversation with Turan, a representative of the Khazar district said that local issues in Buzovna settlement are handled by the settlement municipality. Note that the head of Buzovna municipality did not answer Turan's phone calls. -0-

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