More Than 2 Kg of Heroin Seized from Drug Couriers

Baku / 09.05.20 / Turan: On May 7, border guards detained a local resident, Dakhil Zamanov, who was trying to pick up a bag from a cache near the village of Garakazimly in the Jalilabad region. After the order “Stop!” Zamanov tried to escape, but was detained. Upon examination of the package seized from him, 2 kg 10 grams of heroin was found.

According to the press service of the Border Service of Azerbaijan, Zamanov arrived at the place in a Zhiguli car. At the wheel of the car was another person. At the time of detention, the traveling companion of Zamanov drove into the border guards and was able to escape.

During the search, the driver was detained in the territory of Jalilabad. He turned out to be a local resident Vasif Suleymanov, previously convicted of drugs.

Drug couriers were detained. The investigation is underway. -02D-


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