Ombudsman�s Preventive Group Investigates Treatment of Convicts in Gobustan Prison

Baku / 07.02.19 / Turan: The National Preventive Ombudsman Group conducted an inspection in the Gobustan special-regime prison. Members of the group checked the conditions of detention of convicts in the special-regime blocks, the punishment cell, the sanitary unit and other objects.

The Ombudsman"s Office informs that the purpose of the visit was to check the conditions of detention and treatment of convicts, as well as deal with the complaints received.

The conditions of detention, medical aid, food, hot and cold water supply, receiving parcels from relatives and friends, walks, meetings and telephone conversations were checked.

"In several cells of the special-regime blocks there is a need to improve the conditions of detention. With the participation of the doctor of the Preventive Group, one-on-one meetings were held with numerous prisoners in order to verify the issue of their treatment," the message says.

A number of issues relating to the conditions of detention, telephone conversations and medical aid, as well as a number of appeals were considered and resolved on the spot. Following the results of the visit, submissions will be sent to the appropriate bodies.

It should be noted that the message of the Preventive Group is not concrete and there is no comment regarding prisoners' complaints of torture and harassment in this prison by specific individuals, including the prison director. In particular, this concerns reports of torture of activists of the Muslim Unity movement led by Taleh Bagirzadeh. -05D-

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