Parents of dead soldiers continue to fight

A group of parents of soldiers who died in the army in 2010-2013 held a regular press conference at the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS.) At last press conference on February 20, they demanded an objective investigation into the death of their children, and to reveal the true causes of the death of their sons.

Thus, Ismail Ibadov, Elkhan Azizov, Elchin Kerimbeyli and others appealed to courts in connection with biased investigation of the death of their children. But they could not obtain justice. "Many parents, unable to stand this loss, died. Other parents got and cannot do anything because of absence of funds," said the head of the NGO "Victims of the Truce", Beyaly Azizov.

Some parents are unhappy with the Defense Minister, Zakir Hasanov.  They noted that after the change of the Minister, the commanders of military units, where soldiers died, were elevated in rank.

"Despite the appointment of a new minister, soldier mortality is not reduced. This is not only the problem of the Ministry of Defense, it is a problem of the entire system of governing the country," said Ali Kerimbeyli.  Over six months of this year the losses of the armed forces totaled 47 people, including 37 in non combat.

Parents also complained of the indifference of the state bodies, where they appealed.

Parents demand to award their children status of martyrs, and the payment of insurance compensation. They also intend to seek to identify and punish the perpetrators of the true death of their children. -05C-

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