Press Review 04/21/14

Official and pro-government press has reported on the meeting of Ilham Aliyev with the delegation of the U.S. Congress .


Azadlig writes about how Rashad Abdullayev, the son of the head of SOCAR living in Turkey, recruits Azerbaijan students and requires them to maintain the policy of the government of Azerbaijan.

Being in Baku, U.S. congressmen met with members of the National Council.

The parents of the arrested members of NIDA began a hunger strike to protest against the authorities' desire to sentence the young people to long imprisonment.

Representatives of the media believe that the arrest of the journalist Rauf Mirkadyrov is the consequence of the Erdogan government struggle with Nursism.


Yeni Musavat also writes about the arrest of Rauf Mirkadyrov and expresses surprise at the accusation of treason.

MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev denied rumors of a forthcoming amnesty and release of political prisoners.

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