Press Review 09/25/14

Official newspapers publish front-page order of the head of state of the tightening of security measures in the frontal zone and the allocation of 2 million manat on the development of the Gabala region.


Azadlig on its front page issued a statement of USA President about the problems of civil society in Azerbaijan. In the comments of the experts on Obama's speech they said that the authorities have moved to "attack" on the President of the USA, and the opposition regarded this as the announcement of sanctions against Azerbaijan.

PPFA strongly condemned violence against Yunus in prison.

Journalist Khadija Ismail called "ordinary meanness" the publication in the newspaper Yeni Musavat that the protest at the OSCE / ODIHR in Warsaw, ostensibly, was arranged by the Armenians.

PACE President Anne Brasseur made a mockery of her meeting with the so-called opposition in Parliament, where "all are unanimous."


Express notes increased control of military information in connection with the order of President Ilham Aliyev.

The newspaper reports on plans to establish a Turkish-Azerbaijani-Georgian military brigade to protect the oil and gas infrastructure in the South Caucasus.


Novoye Vremya publishes material about the meaninglessness of Anne Brasseur’s trip to Baku.


Bizim Yol reports of an attack on Nadir Agayev, dissident of the Soviet period. Unidentified people hit him several times in his apartment building, and the doctors stamped nine stitches on his head.


Yeni Musavat writes about violence against Yunus in prison and comments on the speech of the President of the United States with respect to human rights in Azerbaijan.

The newspaper also wrote about his litigation with the son of the Minister of Transport Anar Mammadov, who promised to put the Yeni Musavat editor-in-chief to prison for his constant insults on the pages of his newspaper. -02D-

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