Press Review 14.05.13


Official newspapers write about the visit of Ilham Aliyev to Austria, and his various meetings. These newspapers continue traditional hounding of the opposition.



The chief executive of Ganja Elmar Valiyev threatens the newspaper Yeni Musavat with the court.

Experts commenting on the decline in the number of Ilham Aliyev's visits abroad explain this by saying that it is not complying with his international obligations.

The Swedish television SVT showed a report about police brutality during mass protests in Azerbaijan.

Russian secret services arrested the Azerbaijani businessman Ilham Huseynov, who lives in St. Petersburg.



Azerbaijan is interested in attack helicopters. Production of large-caliber ammunition for small arms starts.



The Class XI student of Sumgait School No 17 Azad Ismailov died during the run, with which he had been punished by his teacher for being late.



According to the Women's Crisis Center, this year there were 38 homicides for committed defamation. In 2012, the number of such killings was 167.


Bizim Yol writes about the confrontation between the chief executive of Gadabay and the advisor to the Minister of Taxes. As a result of the confrontation, the market, which was the subject of the confrontation, was burned.


Yeni Musavat

The construction of the Baku-Alat, Alat-Astara and Kurdamir-Gazakh highways stopped. This is due to lack of funding. Employees of the company Todini are going to make a march towards Baku.


The Musavat Party is going to open an online television channel TV Media. The transmission of 8-10 broadcasts per month requires 10,000 manat.


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