Press Review for 2/14/13


Independent and opposition press focuses on the arrest of the former deputy Gular Akhmedova and absenteeism of the presidential administration’s head Ramiz Mehdiyev.


The focus of the media is also on the loyal to the Kremlin Soyun Sadikhov’s initiative to arrange secession of the Georgian Azerbaijanis from this country.

Newspapers also continue to write about the sensational novel Stone Dreams by Akram Aylisli and the harassment of him and the fact that the head of the Caucasus Muslims Sheik Pashazadeh declared him an infidel.



The State Students Admission Commission prepared university ranking, which caused dissatisfaction among the scientific and educational community. The list is headed by the established last year Graduate School of Petroleum. It is followed by the Academy of Public Administration, Medical University, Diplomatic Academy, Baku State University, etc.


In Nakhchivan the sale of opposition newspapers has discontinued. The Central Post Office does not deliver opposition newspapers to the autonomous republic.


The paper compares the President's salary to those of other groups. Thus, the salary of the President is 15,000 manats (about 19,000 dollars). The average salary of teachers is 283 manats, and physicians - 163 manats.

The President's salary is 55 times higher than the average salary in the country, which is 325 manats.


In the Impudence article, the newspaper considers criticism by Ilham Aliyev of his officials as a PR move designed to presidential elections. This criticism will not have real impact. So, still no response to date has been expressed to the local and international media reports on the removal from the country of $ 48 billion and management of major companies in the country by members of the President's family.



Political scientist Gabil Huseynli believes that Russia has started a psychological war against Azerbaijan. "The opposition has to be careful in their contacts with pro-Russian politicians," he said.


Bizim Yol: Private objects of the former MP Guler Akhmedova are confiscated. She owns nine flats in the city center, 4 villas and 4 large commercial facilities.

The head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev is on leave until February 15. He did not participate in the funeral of the President of the Academy of Sciences Mahmud Karimov.


The cofounder of the Intelligentsia Forum Eldar Namazov does not believe that criticism of officials by the President will have a result. "It was a great opportunity during the same meeting to raise the Mayor of Sumgait and demand an explanation, why on the birthday of the Head of State, he baked a 51-meter cake and rounded up people there," said Namazov.


According to the newspaper, the President criticized the Minister of Labor Fizuli Alekperov and warned him during the meeting.

He also raised the heads of administrations of Ganja, Sumgayit, Imishli, Salyan, Goranboy, Goygol, Ismayilli, Narimanov and Khatai and warned them against the oppression of entrepreneurs.


Baki Khabar: One of the leaders of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in Russia Soyun Sadigov, considered approximate to Putin, has developed a map, anthem and coat of arms of the "Independent Borchali" (the historical name of the region of Georgia, densely populated by Azerbaijanis).

In an interview with Georgian TV Objective this was said by the head of the National Congress of Azerbaijanis Ali Babayev.

Sadigov is a native of Georgia.


Azerbaijani Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov said that Armenia will not be able to use the Baku-Kars railway because it is funded by the Government of Azerbaijan


Yeni Musavat

The Presidential Administration’s department chief Ali Hasanov said that the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev earlier in the week went on vacation and will return to work on February 15.

The nephew of the Minister of Transport Ziya Mammadov, Fuad Mammadov was transferred from the post of the Chief of Police in the Salyan district to the post of deputy head of the Drug Combat Office of MIA.


  The former parliament speaker Rasul Guliyev said that in the near future Azerbaijan will be plunged into chaos. He noted that in the near future he will hold talks with leaders of the Public Chamber and the Intelligentsia Forum. -0 -


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