Protest in Tbilisi against Arrest of Farman Jeyranly

Baku / 25.07.17 / Turan: A protest action against the arrest of the co-founder of the Lancet clinic, Professor Farman Jeyranly was held in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi on July 24.

The action was attended by Azerbaijanis living in Georgia and representatives of local media. The protesters held placards bearing the inscriptions Freedom to Farmanau Jeyranly!, Fair Trial!, No to Political Arrests!

Mubariz Huseynov, brother of Farman Jeyranli who spoke during the action, called the arrest illegal and the articles of the prosecution absurd. He noted that the actions will continue until a fair trial is held.

The Azerbaijani political activist Dashgin Agalarly, who lives in Georgia, noted that the arrest of Jeyranly is the first arrest after Aliyev's statement about the unwillingness to have opposition in Georgia against the power existing in Azerbaijan.

Recall that at the last court session Farman Jeyranly stated that he is not an oppositionist, for him all patients are equal, and he does not make a difference on political convictions when someone is examined at the clinic. He also said he was arrested at the request of the Azerbaijani authorities.

Recall that Jeyranly was detained on May 22, 2017, and the court arrested him for two months. Jeyranly is accused under clause 1 of article 247 (concealing information threatening life and health), and subparagraph b of part 3 of article 180 (attempt of mass fraud). -0-

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