Public debates about the Impact on the Frontline Situation


A regular meeting of civil society representatives of three countries will take place on July 21 in the border village of Tekyali on the border of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

   Participants will take part in civil hearings on the status of the contact line.  Residents of Akstafa, Baku, Gumri, Ganja, Yerevan, Ijevan, Kazakh, Marneuli, Noyemberyan, Tovuz and border villages of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will attend the meeting.

   The event was organized by the Association "Tekali” Georgia Center for the Regional Partnership and Community Development,  Azerbaijan, Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives, Armenia, with support from the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

  The program includes three questions:

1) "Tekali process: Resources of borderland." The speakers will be Zaur Dargan, Marneuli, Maharram Goyushoglu, Kazakhstan, Voskan Sargsyan of Noyemberyan.

 2) "Mechanisms to influence the situation on the frontline," made by:

Zardusht Alizadeh of Baku, George Vanian of Yerevan.

 3) “Nonviolent Peaceforce: Experience and plans for the Caucasus". The speaker will be

Bernard O 'Sullivan, Steve Young of Brussels, Belgium and the moderator, Mikheil Mirziashvili of Tbilisi.

 The fourth question of the event, "Free Microphone”, where attendants can make a speech. 

    Those wishing to participate can use transport departuring from Tbilisi at 13:30 at the Rose Revolution Square, formerly known as Republic Square, near the fountain, next to the hotel "Radisson," ex. "Iveria". 

 Your participation can be confirmed by contacting: till July  19. -02D-



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