The authorities refuse to authorize a meeting of lawyers

Baku / 15.11.17 / Turan: The Baku Executive Power refused to sanction the meeting of the Group of Practicing Lawyers (GPL), scheduled for November 18 at the Yasamal district stadium.

The action was planned in protest against legislative amendments on the restriction of the institution of representation in the courts.

A member of the GPL Khalid Bagirov told Turan, the city authorities motivated the refusal by the fact that the organizers did not specify the exact number of participants in the rally.

In particular, the application indicated the participation of 500 to 5000 people and this, allegedly created difficulties for taking measures to ensure the safety of participants.

Bagirov considers the reasons indicated by the city administration, far-fetched.

According to him, this issue was not an insoluble problem and the issue could be coordinated with the executive power.

Therefore, Bagirov considers the response of the Baku authorities unlawful.

The text of the answer of the mayor's office published by the lawyer Samira Agayeva also indicates that the amendments have already been approved by the president and therefore, the city authorities consider "new" changes to the legislation "inexpedient".

On the initiative of the Supreme Court, on October 31 the Milli Majlis amended the law on the legal profession, the civil procedure and administrative procedural codes. The head of state approved these changes, which limited the institution of representation. From now on, individuals in civil and administrative cases can only be represented by professional lawyers - members of the Bar Association. There cannot be other representatives, except for close relatives.

Legal persons in civil and administrative matters can be represented by their staff members.

The innovations come into force on January 1, 2018.

A "Group of Practicing Lawyers", uniting prominent independent legal scholars of the country, appointed for November 18 a protest action against the amendments. In their view, the new rules in the conditions of an extremely low number of lawyers will leave citizens without legal protection. On the other hand, many lawyers will be removed from the protection process, which for reasons of reason have not been admitted to the Bar. -06B-

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