The Court of Appeals upholds Murad Adilov in custody

 On August 25 the Baku Court of Appeal (ALS) dismissed the complaint  of Murad Adilov, brother of Natig Adilov, the employee of  newspaper "Azadlig", and press secretary of the leader of the Popular Front Party.

Murad was arrested on August 11 in  the region of Sabirabad on suspicion of drug trafficking. On August 13 court arrested him for three months. This decision was appealed.

According to Natig Adilov, the complaint raised the question of replacing the arrest on house arrest. However, the court dismissed the appeal.

N.Adilov believes that the arrest of his brother  is politically motivated, and explains it by    political and journalistic activity  of the brothers Adilovs.—03b06--

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