Traffic jam on the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan reaches five kilometers

Tbilisi / 25/08/14 / Turan-BSPRESS: This is the fourth day at the border between Azerbaijan and Georgia, there is a large concentration of vehicles, the length of traffic jams on August 25 up  is up to five kilometers. Some cars are already in the queue for two days.

Georgian border guards said that the problem  is due to  the  Azerbaijani side. However, the Border Guard and Customs Service of Azerbaijan at the moment refrain from commenting.

Georgian media reported that after the close of the Georgian Military Road, due to a landslide last week, many  people  are trying to go from Georgia to Russia via Azerbaijan (Tbilisi - Tbilisi - Ganja - Baku - Makhachkala - Grozny - Vladikavkaz), dramatically increasing the load on the checkpoints.

Georgian Military Road, in the direction of Russia, according to experts, will be closed for about 10 days.

At the same time, on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border come  in force restrictions on entry to Azerbaijan  for cars that do not meet environmental standards "Euro 4".

If the  car does not meet the standards,  its  owner, before crossing the border, must to deposit a certain amount or have a guarantee from the citizen of Azerbaijan that  he is going to visit him, and soon will  leave the country. -02D-

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