Tofig Yagublu is not permitted to attend his mother's funeral

Baku/12.07.21/Turan: Mother of the well-known  political figure and former prisoner Tofig Yagublu who lived in Georgia has died. However, he has not been released from Azerbaijan to attend the funeral. The ban is motivated by a criminal case against him.

Yagublu told Turan that the trial iof his case has been postponed by the Baku Court of Appeal for 7 months without any reason.

Also, the son of Tofig Yagublu has not been permitted to visit Georgia as well. The young man has just been demobilised from the army, handed over his weapons but they refuse him to leave the country because there is no seal on weapons surrender in his military ticket.
Yagublu believes that a permit for his departure to Georgia can be issued only at the level of the presidential administration. "The Migration Service and the court are unable to make a decision on the issue," he said.

Lawyer Elchin Sadygov appealed to the office of the Ombudsman and the Court of Appeal where he was told that the issue would be considered today.

Yagublu's relatives in the Bolnisi district of Georgia said that the funeral can be postponed only until tomorrow.

Note that the office of the Ombudsman told Turan that in connection with the question of Yagublu they cannot give information to third parties.

The leader of the Musavat party, Arif Hajili wrote in social networks that the ban on the children to say goodbye to their parents boggles the mind.

"This is a sign of an unworthy political struggle. If this artificial problem is not solved within a day, it will become another black page in the activities of the current government," Hajily wrote.

* Tofig Yagublu was detained on March 22, 2020 on a falsified case of an accident and an attack on a married couple. The oppositionist declared a provocation against him. The investigation did not provide evidence of the use of physical force by Yagubulu and the commission of an accident by him. Nevertheless, on September 3, he was sentenced to four years and three months in prison.

Yagublu went on a hunger strike, demanding the termination of the fabricated criminal charges and held her for 17 days. International human rights organizations, the EU, the United States called for a review of the case. Finally, on September 18, the court changed the measure of restraint and transferred Tofig Yagublu to house arrest – - 06D-

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