Coronavirus phobia

Some great personalities believed that the mankind had been driven by fear, and there is a good deal of truth in it. Note that the fear gains momentum provided its reason is unknown or recondite. When this occurs, the fear turns into the alert, so it is no mere coincidence that psychiatrists describe the alert as the future-oriented fear.

It should be noted that the alert of this kind sprang earlier 2020 when coronavirus has first appeared. However, coronavirus has always been in our midst; suffice to look at the school biology book of the 1970-80s, to say nothing of college textbooks. Note that the virus has never affected the illness till 2020; even better, it has always harmonized with organisms of humans, animals and even plants.

For yet-unknown reasons, the virus drifted out of control, its seventh strain appeared to destroy human organisms and cause acute respiratory viral infections.

Account has to be taken of the fact that today all all men have got stuck on this ARVI only, and TV-screen shows 24 hours a day awe-inspiring mass losses of life. A fear mechanism has been triggered a fear mechanism, and all researchers have immediately got out of their mind about heavy complications caused by the well-known influenza destroying not only respiratory organs but affecting meningocephalitis, polyneuritis, bronchiolitis, other hideous complications.

It is worth pointing out that some 700-800, 000 die of influenza annually but nobody is terrified of it.

Added to this can be that people with fever and bad complications have always gone to work, entertainment centers, crossed borders, and no quarantine has ever been announced.

What’s happening today? Not many people remember that "Spanish influenza", avian flu, Ebola and swine flu have decimated hundreds of thousands of human lives worldwide. Not many people are aware that the tuberculosis pandemic has still been alive and well across the world. It must be acknowledged the tuberculosis causes respiratory insufficiency, meningitis and other fatal complications. Isn’t that a cause for regular epidemiological measures? 

It must be acknowledged that current preventive measures are not, to put it mildly, adequate for airborne infection. One has to admit that the medical science is meant to be preventive while the medicine on the post-Soviet expanse has primarily been commercial.

It is important to keep in mind that preventive measures have to be carried out unwept and unsung, without participation of punitive bodies, by means of professional medical experts. Unfortunately, a prophylactic experience of the Soviet medicine has long been forgotten.

In terms of airborne infection, including the coronavirus infection, it is practically impossible to establish contacts, for this does not refer to cholera or plague. From this standpoint, measures aimed at restricting citizens’ movement are inexplicable. The question is that scores of citizens in Baku are still living in half-basements, houses with the so-called "second-level space". A question arises: is it possible to carry out preventive measures in living quarters of this type where all housemates breathe one upon the other? Presuming that there are children in these families, the scene is awful!

Further aggravating the case is that these families are keeping houses together and in permanent contact.

Any epidemiologist may firmly confirm that the airborne infection spreading takes place in terms of density only.

The point to be emphasized is that representatives of law enforcement bodies, deputies, all ministers, except for the health minister (who has voluntarily self-abandoned), mostly report on the coronavirus situation, not those officially entitled to report – infectious disease specialists and virologists.

It ought to be noted that every decision of state structures on preventive measures, observation and quarantine must be agreed with a chief sanitary officer and a chief infectious disease specialists of the Republic; otherwise, all these epidemiologic decisions are to be deemed illegal.

Finally, another important factor is a situation around mentally disabled persons who are in need of systematic acquisition of medical preparations which is very difficult in terms of preventive measures carried out by law enforcement bodies.

By the projections of Russian mental health specialists, the preventive measures of administrative-enforcement nature will be followed by increase in the number of mentally ill persons with psychogeny, obsessional neurosis, alcoholic and drug addiction.

Regretfully, consciousness of our citizens is muddled with wooly and conflicting information from TV-screens. In terms of looking for vaccines and unveiling reasons of the coronavirus, some mass media are horning about apocalypse.

Mass media-farfetched psychosis has presently been titled as "Coronaphrenia". Some persons with this disease are currently been cured. The reason of the disease is information terror, information intoxicosis, misinformation, a fear, a feeling of despair.

At present, human psyche runs in emergency operation: on the one hand, there is a flow of negative information; on the other hand, there are a desire to pull through difficulties and abortive attempts to break the deadlock in Internet.

To my thinking, it is not permitted to be masked in the street, since it breaks lung ventilation.

One must bear in mind that alcohol does not kill viruses; for this to happen, there are special antiseptic solutions. A healthy man should wear a mask ; masks are intended for patients and a related medical staff.

It should also be remembered that allegedly ARVI coronavirus-induced heavy mortality is greatly exaggerated as well.

Caged-up at home, citizens should know that AVRI of any etiology blooms in a confined space; that this is an airborne infection, so people should frequently be outdoors; walk a good deal, for no inspection is probable in open air.

Mood of panic spread by TV-channels "that coronavirus decimated the whole of Europe and that dead corpses are scattered all about the space" bode no good but psychological trauma.

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