Oqtay Gülalıyev

Oqtay Gülalıyev

Dear Sir General Prosecutor

On January 7, 2021, Firuza Gulalyeva, the wife of human rights activist Ogtay Gulalyeva, appealed to you with a statement about the need to bring doctors to justice, through whose fault Ogtay has been in a coma for more than a year. This appeal followed after the Nasimi District Prosecutor's Office refused to open a criminal case on December 25, 2020. The material was isolated from a criminal case on a motor vehicle crime, back in September 2020. Then the Nasimi Prosecutor's Office, under your personal control, began to conduct an inspection, appointed an examination.

On January 25, after the publication of the letter from Firuza Gulalyeva to you dated January 7, 2021, the investigation was again resumed by the Nasimi Prosecutor's Office. But so far there has been no result, at least neither F. Gulalyeva herself, nor the sons of Oktay Gulalyev, have been notified of the results of the check, despite the fact that all the deadlines stipulated by the criminal procedure legislation have passed.

For some unknown reason, the prosecutor's office still cannot or does not want to establish why Gulalyev was sent to a private clinic without the necessary accompanying documents, including the results of an MRI, why he was not examined properly in a private clinic, even despite the rapidly deteriorating condition. In short, the prosecutor's office does not answer questions about the reasons for actually bringing Oktay to his dying state and about the circle of responsible persons.

In connection with the above, I, Mehman Aliyev, who has been directly involved in issues related to the legal and medical side of the Ogtay Gulalyev case since October 30, 2019, ask you to provide the public with the results of the investigation launched on January 25, 2020.


Mehman Aliyev, Director of IA Turan

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