Açıq mənbələrdən foto

Açıq mənbələrdən foto

It should be remembered that President’s criticism of many ministers at the  meeting on January 13 was related not only with management deficiency. This is one of approaches to managament issues. Note that President’s phrase used in his dialogue with Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov «A ask you a question, instead you deliver me a lecture» proved to be not a mere reaction to the detailed report on foreign debt situation.

 Talking about the foreign debt... More than 10 billion manats of the International Bank have been poured down the drain, isn’t it the gravest crime? As a matter of fact, the then chairman of the International Bank’s Supervisory Committee, Samir Sharifov was due to leave the economic group. To be a member of the team means the following: sharing the responsibility for one and the same values; maintaining adequate relations; gaining par performance rewards and bungling penalty. If this evaluation criterion is lost, any criticism would be justified. 

However, managerial thinking of the present Azerbaijani authorities has been composed of entirely different criteria. The point to be emphasized is that the authorities are prone to believe that through the single-use reprimand or defamation with subsequent dismissal of an improper team member they are immune to any accusations and stay out of any criticism.

 Account has to be taken of the fact that the authorities take into no consideration that shortcomings they criticize result from bletcherous methods of management. There is quite a number of reasons that led to what we have today and was due to be removed opportunely. Added to this can be that omnifarious veiling of actual reasons of the on-the-ground situation is due to the lack of effective mechanisms of control and poor work coordination.

It must be borne in mind that the contemporary science makes the case that open and harsh criticism of persons vested with great authorities has a negative effect on their activity and increasingly demotivates their eagerness to raise the profile. In other words, in case where the reputation of top ranking persons is battered, they cannot regain their reputation for a long stretch of time. Most significantly, if their sense of responsibility prevails and they are bound with the team, they are faced with great difficulties in recovering reputation. All thiongs considered, defamation fails to raise motivation; instead it demotivates efforts. From this point of view, harsh criticism and defamation of team members in the eyes of multimillion population undermine team’s morale.

«Idolatry» prejudice in the management system

The essential point to remember is that the prejudice caused by idolatry is so much great that even those involved in idolatry thrusting begin to realize the truth. Suffice to remind that the ideological propaganda has long been carried on to make society digest the rhetoric of its man of genius and irreplaceble leader and stomach all successes achieved by society under the name of one and the same person. Under the same logic, all failures are due to associated with the name of this person. However, in this case an inconsistency arises: what was the contribution of other team members?

Perhaps, artists are more skillful in depicting the management quality. Just as the eye delivers an object image to our brain, so the state sends to the collective memory of society an imasge of the nation that formed due to the quality of management. As a matter of fact, leaders of the country appeal to the people as saying «it’s you». However, in fact such a nasty image is none other than a defamation of the nation. The point to be emphasized here is that the authorities has asssembled their team out of the poorest society members.

It should be acknowledged that the state is managed by humans. As for Azerbaijan, person seeking to seize the public management avail of their business opportunities. Under the guise of protection of national intertests they go abroad to forge their business relations and enterprises. It must be borne in mind that they are making a display of their wealth instead of being ashamed thereof. They put ordinary people on edge with their lordly manners. They fail to remember of their social committments and duties but of ways to abuse their authority and powers. This is because they are eager to gain not som much people’s appreciation but its everlasting gratitude.

All things considered, Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud once noticed that society would never evolutionize until it hands the reigns to a single individual-savior. As long as it relies on magic stick, its future fails to be favorable.

It should be reminded that the human progress is feasible due to the management exercised by an experienced and artful team, not random, transient persons. For the very reason we must digest principal lessons of the 21 century management: sustained success is not dependent upon individual man of genius but joint efforts of the team as a conjunctive symbiosis!


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