Azerbaijan to Import 700 Million Packages of Tobacco Products

Azerbaijan intends to import and sell 700 million packages of tobacco products, as well as 20 million different units of alcohol containers, including beer, this year.

This became known after the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan announced a tender for the production of 1 billion 122 million excise stamps.

According to the request for excise duty stamps, local producers plan to release 150 million bottles of local beer and 50 million bottles of other alcoholic beverages, plus 200 million packs of tobacco products and 2 million ethyl alcohol bottles.

The competition conditions provide for the production of high quality grades of paper that conform to international standards with a hologram. The applicants are supposed to be wealthy and to submit a certificate stating that they had no solvency problems in the last financial year.

The one-time registration fee is low for this kind of order - 2 AZN. The proposals will be accepted until May 24, and on the following day the tender envelopes will be unsealed. --17D-

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