Mortgage Fund Buys Treasury Bonds

Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund (AMF) under the Central Bank buys government short-term bonds (T-bills) issued by the Ministry of Finance. Thus, the Fund provides the current liquidity, experts of an investment company consider.

At the Stock Exchange trades on secondary trading of T-bills CBA acts on behalf of the AMF. According to the Baku Stock Exchange, on April 7 AMF bought 35 thousand T-bills, paying 3 million 440.5 thousand manats for them.

“The Mortgage Fund places its debt securities under 3% per annum. At the same time the Fund purchases securities with profitability guaranteed by the state at not less than 7%,” an analyst of the Capital Management investment firm Jafar Ibrahimov said.

It is noteworthy that among the other investors, the buyer of mortgage bonds is CBA, thus ensuring their liquidity. Such deals were last produced on 1 and 5 April, amounting to over 2 million manats. ---08B

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