Gilan Holding Will Do Intensive Gardening

The Tax Ministry registered the company "Gilan Agro". A source in the group of companies "Gilan Holding" confirmed for Turan that the company set up by this holding will be engaged in intensive horticulture.

The company said that in the regions of the country are divided orchards, and in coming years will give the first crop.

Ministry of Economic Development in 2011, funds projects for intensive gardening, creating nurseries and seed farms. Loans granted by the National Fund for Entrepreneurship. According to the foundation's Web site, at the implementation stage are 9 such projects aimed at the intensive cultivation of apples, pomegranates, olives, etc. Gilan Holding is a user in soft loans NFES.

Group of companies Gilan Holding owns LLC "Agro-Azerinvest" which owns 2,000 hectares of land in several areas of the country since 2004, is the European grape varieties and made wine. The holding company owns several factories, dairy and livestock farms. He also wrote a number of plants for the production of fruit juices and preserves. The company has a leading position in the agricultural sector. Only one of these plants ("Gilan Qebele Senaye Istehsal") is capable of handling up to 700 tons of fruits and vegetables. Since 2007, the capacity of the plant was increased by more than 4 times. - 08B-


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