Industrial Production Falls by 1.1%

. In January-April 2016 the volume of industrial production in Azerbaijan totaled 9.4 billion AZN, which in comparable prices was by 1.1% less than in the comparable period of 2015, the State Statistics Committee told Turan.

At current prices, industrial production actually increased (+0.9 billion AZN). This was due to the rise in price of some industrial products as a result of the devaluation of the national currency in February 2015.

This year, oil production fell by 1.8%, natural gas production – by 9.8%, electricity production – by 7.6%, as well as some other goods processed.

For the four months the following production indexes increased: food products (+ 2.3%), beverages (+ 8.2%), cigarettes (+ 52.1%), electrical equipment (+ 7.8%), finished metal products (+ 36.5%), textile industry (3.5 times), etc.

The volume of production in the non-oil industry in general grew by 4.2%.     -----08D

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