Manufacturing GDP Fell by 3.3 Billion AZN

In the ten months of this year, gross domestic product (GDP) in Azerbaijan amounted to 45 billion 934 million AZN. According to the State Statistics Committee, the real GDP growth was 3.3%. This nominal GDP fell by 6.7% compared with 10 months in 2014.

According to the SSC, the volume of GDP in non-oil sector amounted to 31 billion 765 million AZN. The real growth of non-oil sector amounted to 5.2%, nominally the same - 10%. Thus, the share of this sector in GDP increased from 59.9% to 69.2%.

SSC of Azerbaijan has suspended calculation of GDP per capita. According to estimates of Turan, for ten months of 2015 everyone in the country had added value in the amount of 4,760 AZN. During the same period in 2014 this figure was 5,100 manat.

In connection with a particular increase in world oil prices the oil GDP increased by 0.5%. --08D

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