MCIT has recognized the November global Internet Governance Forum productive


BAKU/02.05.13/TURAN Seventh Internet Governance Forum in Baku (IGF), 6-9 last November under the auspices of the UN, six months later, the country's leadership is recognized as a positive for the future of the country.

As stated in the press release of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic, on the eve of a meeting with the staff of the Ministry of the structures involved in the organizational work of the four world rally. Deputy Minister Elmir Velizade noted the work of volunteers, productivity measures, both for the country and for all the participants and expressed gratitude to the organizers and individuals to contribute their efforts for the forum at the highest level. A team ministry awarded certificates for their active participation in the organization of IGF.

Recall, the UN has assessed 12 November and the Forum, and the processes associated with the Internet. The main conclusion is - the future of information management in the Internet belongs to civil society, and not governments. It is significant that among the more than 1,600 delegates from 128 countries were many women among them - the top managers of leading companies, experts, civil society representatives, government officials, heads of international organizations on human development, academics, private sector representatives and other prominent role play and youth. Another feature of the event was the fact that his work could be open to all users of the Internet. 49 experts from the number of virtual users and participants through video, and audio resources talked with members of the forum.

According to the UN definition, the Baku Forum differed protest activity of global civil society, which was expressed even before the start of the conference publications in different media. Daily progress online comments are not only professionals, but also tens of thousands of users of social networks (mainly, "Twitter" and "Facebook") around the world. Organizers note does not reduce activity even after the event. So the theme of the Forum IGF "Internet for sustainable human, economic and social development" completely justified itself.

The next forum will be held in the IGF this November in Bali (Indonesia). Six previous meetings of the Forum were held in Greece (2006), Brazil (2007), India (2008), Egypt (2009), Lithuania (2010) and Kenya (2011). - 17D-


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