Parliament with good intentions infringed the rights of owners

At today's meeting the Azerbaijani Parliament approved amendments to the Law of Azerbaijan "On specially protected natural territories and objects."

Vice-Speaker Valeh Aleskerov, submitting documents for discussion, recommended that MPs making speeches to keep in mind public concern for the preservation of nature. "Prior to 2001, for electricity generation in thermal power plants annually burned 3 million tons of fuel oil from the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, then this figure dropped to 2 million from 2011 to small regional stations burned tens of thousands of tons of fuel oil, and electricity produced modernized technology. Industrial emissions have decreased by about 2.5 times, "- he said.

This preamble was important to ensure that MPs are not paid attention to the two amendments. According to Article 10-1.2, the new law around protected areas, including water, provides protective cordon sanitaire 3 km around the perimeter of the object (the total area of ​​such objects is already 892 thousand 546.49 hectares or 10.3% of the country). According to Article 10-1.8, relationship between the owners of private and municipal property in these areas and the central authorities regulated servitude right (in plain language - the property owner becomes its users with limited rights on the expansion and without the right to enter into a contract sale, pledge or transfer of property by any means).

Mentioned on 900 hectares of land, specially protected by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, there are 9 national parks, 11 state nature reserves and 24 state natural reserves. Slightly more alienated land border population, oil companies, gas companies, owners of water resources, the Ministry of Transport and other virtual monopoly - total 25%. In addition, more than 17 percent of the aggressors captured about 30% of soil erosion and other diseases.

In the Azerbaijan law concept of "easement" is not common. In this case, the easement is established for the government, because is public and must be registered with the legal norm.

Deputies adopting these amendments casually infringed the interests of many thousands of additional owners in favor of the central executive. - 17D-


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