State Statistics Committee on the prices of agricultural products

State Statistics Committee notes that the September crop prices compared to August increased by 2.1%. According to the official statistics, as of the end of last month, the cost of animal products decreased 1.8%. The largest decline in prices in the reporting month was recorded for eggs (10.3%), poultry (3.3%), milk (2.5%) and beef (0.8%). Natural honey has risen in price by 5.4%.

In the area of ​​crops prices on annuals in September rose by 6.5%, perennials - by 3.6%. Rising prices in the reporting month was recorded on cucumbers (22.7%), beans (21.7%), tomatoes (18.1%), wheat (2.1%), potatoes (3.2%), eggplants (11 %), peaches (20%), chestnuts (0.9%), hazelnuts and walnuts (16.4%).

Sunflower seeds fell by 9.5%, apples - by 0.7%, corn - 0.3%.

According to experts in the real economy, the prices of most agricultural products with a strong export position (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, onions, persimmons, etc.) climbed twice under the guise of their mass export to Russia. --17D-

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