National Council demands punishment of those responsible in the beating I.Nasibov

Azerbaijan and the international community are outraged by another  act of the authoritarian regime of  the President Ilham Aliyev - the barbaric attack on Ilgar Nasibov, human rights activist and journalist Nakhchivan, reads the statement of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF.)

"Atrocities and excesses of a reactionary regime is an obvious evidence  of the absence in Azerbaijan even the rudiments of the rule of law.   Ilgar Nasibov’s blood was shed  in the daylight in Nakhchivan, where an authoritarian regime  is even more severe, and certainly it was committed with the awareness of law enforcement agencies," reads  the  statement.

The NCDF indicates that  the Nasibovs family works in Nakhchivan  under extreme conditions of constant risk to their health  life. "Their determination and dedication is a heroism,"  said in a statement.

Currently all leading media writes about the existence of the dictatorship in Azerbaijan, violating the rights and dignity of  people.

With the growth of corruption expansion bribery network and narrowing the range of monopoly,  people  becoming rich at the expense of  appropriation  people’s  wealth, show their true colors.

"The suppression of the protest vote, a mockery of democracy show the true nature of Ilham Aliyev’s regime," reads  the  statement.

The National Council strongly condemns the barbaric act against I.Nasibov, calls  to punish those responsible for this, and put an end to the reaction, covering all spheres of life in the country.-0—

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