Açıq mənbələrdən foto

Açıq mənbələrdən foto

Baku / 12.03.20 / Turan: In connection with the announcement by WHO of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) and the prevention of the threat of infection spread in Azerbaijan, the authorities suspended the issuance of electronic visas.

In particular, visa processing through the ASAN Viza electronic portal is suspended for 45 days.
Foreign citizens wishing to come to Azerbaijan to apply for a visa will have to apply to the relevant embassies and consulates general of the country.

When applying for a visa, especially from citizens of countries where the COVID-19 virus has spread widely, a medical certificate will need to be tested for COVID-19, the Cabinet of Ministers operational headquarters said.

At the same time, the government called on Azerbaijani citizens to refrain from traveling abroad for two months if this is not urgently needed.

The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan has restricted access to libraries and museums of the country for an indefinite period.

The Caucasus Muslims Office imposed a temporary ban on holding commemoration in the ceremonial halls of two large mosques of the country, Taza Pir and Heydar.

The government also decided to ban the smoking of reusable hookahs in all catering facilities of the country.

This measure has been taken in view of the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus by airborne droplets.

In Azerbaijan, 15 cases of corona virus infection were recorded. One patient died on March 12.   — 06D


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