Samvel Babayan: Azerbaijan Acquires Four Divisions of Iron Dome Missile Defense System

Returning to Karabakh, the former commander of the forces of Karabakh Samvel Babayan made a number of loud statements. This further increased the tension after the April defeat of the Armenians.

In particular, Babayan did not actually refute his supporters that he was ready to lead the armed forces of Karabakh. "I came here to support my people. I do not care either former or current position - the people will decide it all," he said.

He further stated that Azerbaijan continues to arm itself and has acquired four divisions in Israeli missile defense system Iron Dome.

Babayan did not hide his dissatisfaction with the fact that the leader of the separatists Bako Sahakyan refused to meet with him, though earlier such meeting had been promised. After that, hundreds of supporters of Babayan, who gathered for a meeting, announced the establishment of an initiative group in order to obtain the appointment of Babayan as Defense Minister. According to them, from 6 June, work began on organizing a large rally for this purpose and the establishment of the initiative group, Arminfo news agency reported.

The same day Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan came to Karabakh and went to the army. There is no doubt that Babayan enjoys great prestige among the military officers and many people support the idea of ​​his return to the leadership of Karabakh forces.

All this suggests that the growth of tension and confrontation between military groups and individual political forces in Armenia and Karabakh will increase. Quite likely is the option of an armed conflict and upheaval, resulting in Babayan’s coming to power, or his murder. In any case, it would weaken the military potential of Armenia and Karabakh.

Recall that Babayan commanded the Karabakh forces in 1993-1995. In 2001 he was arrested for attempted murder of the then separatist leader Arkady Ghukasian and sentenced to 14 years.

In 2010, he was pardoned and exiled to Armenia. After unsuccessful attempts to do business, Babayan went to Russia, from where he returned two weeks ago. -02D-

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