The KLO Congress called to start a war for Karabakh

Last Saturday Karabakh Liberation Organization held its IV Congress.

At the beginning of the meeting the participants elected governing bodies of the Congress of the social organization. Then spoke the head of the KLO Akif Nagi.

According to him, the first priority is to liberate Karabakh. "You can not talk about any progress until our lands are under occupation," said Nagi.

He considers pointless mediation of the OSCE Minsk in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. According to him, the KLO is against "public diplomacy visits to Azerbaijan by Armenians and their initiatives related to false peace."

Akif Nagi believes that one important task is to mobilize society to war, and put an end to counterfeit peace talks to resolve the conflict.

"War is inevitable. We have the army, the money, and the weapons. If so, what prevents us? Azerbaijan without Karabakh will not exist," he said.

The resolution adopted by the Congress reflected the requirements of the start of military action, refusal of mediation of the OSCE Minsk, the termination of negative propaganda against the army, as well as the requirement not to succumb to peace with Armenia.

The Congress adopted an appeal to the international community, which recalls the occupation of Azerbaijani territories. Authors of the appeal urged the international community to make efforts for the liberation of Azerbaijani territories by peaceful means.

Akif Nagi was re-elected head of the KLO for the next term. -05D04-


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