The National Council condemns the operation "Samvel"

The National Council issued a statement condemning the charges of special services of Azerbaijan based  on Armenian sources against the journalist Rauf Mirkadirov.

In this regard, the National Council demands the immediate release of all political prisoners including Mirkadirov. That is the answer of the National Council on joint communication  of the MNS and General Prosecutor's Office in the case of Rauf Mirkadirov.

Now is not the time of the First and Second World Wars, and all so-called "state secrets" mentioned in the statement of MNS  are posted  on Internet.

The "Statement of the Prosecutor General Ministry of National Security is ridiculous and regrettable. It not only violates the presumption of innocence of the journalist, but his other rights.  The operation by intelligence service "Samvel" reminds Beria operation to identify "enemies of the people", reads  the statement the National Council.

The National Council welcomes responses  of lawyers and notes that the  statement of the Prosecutor General Ministry of National Security confirms their close cooperation with the special services of Armenia. -03D04-

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